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Aug 27 '14

George Mason, Chimborazo show marked improvement in SOL scores

Student achievement improved statewide during 2013-2014 on challenging mathematics Standards of Learning (SOL) tests first introduced three years ago, the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) reported today. Statewide, 74% of students passed the mathematics assessment for their grade level or course, compared with 71% during 2012-2013 and 68% the previous year. Students posted gains on eight of the nine individual grade-level and end-of-course mathematics SOL tests, with the biggest increases in grades 4, 5, 7, 8, Algebra I and Algebra II.

In Richmond, scores improved in 21 of the 34 tested areas, an improvement over last year when scores fell in 75% of the tested subjects.

Two of the five area elementary schools saw impressive improvement over last year. Scores rose in 10 of 11 categories at Chimborazo ES and 10 of 11 at George Mason, but fell in all 11 at Bellevue, 6 of 11 at Fairfield, and 6 of 11 at Woodville.

Scores at MLK MS improved or held steady in 10 of their 14 categories, and in 11 of 14 at Armstrong. Franklin Military, serving grades 6-12, saw scores rise or hold steady in only 10 of 22 reporting categories, though with generally better scores than either MLK or Armstrong. MLK MS, for example, improved from 11% to 12% passing for 7th grade math (compared to a 29% pass rate citywide). Only in Civics & Economics did more than 50% of the students pass the test.

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Richmond City SOL Scores

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 11.51.05 AM

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East End Schools SOL Scores



Aug 16 '14

Playground burns at Fairfield Elementary

The playground at Fairfield Court Elementary caught on fire yesterday afternoon, sending up a dramatic cloud of black smoke visible from much of the area.

The playground at George Mason ES burned in 2009, this same playground at Fairfield in 2010, and Woodville ES in 2012.

PHOTO by Charles M. Kelley


Apr 8 '14

Fairfield students moved to Clark Springs for the rest of the school year

nbc12 is reporting that all of the student at Fairfield Court will be transferred to Clark Springs Elementary for the remainder of the year due to a leaking roof.

There will be a meeting tomorrow, Wednesday April 8 at 6:00 PM at Clark Springs Elementary School.

An article in this week’s Style on the deplorable condition of many of the city schools quotes the School Board Kristen Larson as saying that “Fairfield Court Elementary is first in line for a new roof,” a roof with a $90,000 price-tag.


Mar 14 '14

Fairfield students to be moved while school roof is repaired

From the RTD:

Some students and teachers from Richmond’s Fairfield Court Elementary School will be bused to another school for at least two weeks so school officials can make emergency repairs to the East End school.

The building’s roof has long leaked, but a repair scheduled for spring break had to be moved up after a student was hit by a falling ceiling tile during an after-school program this week.


Jan 27 '14

An opportunity to support Fairfield ES

A message from Gwen Corley Creighton, Director of Richmond Promise Neighborhood:

The Content of Our Character Awards
On February 27, a very special group of Fairfield Court Elementary School students will be honored with a Content of Our Character Award. Award recipients have demonstrated exceptional character throughout this school year.

How You Can Support These Students
Each of the 130 award recipients will receive a new book bag filled with fun, educational prizes donated from the community. If you or your organization has prizes (numbering 130) to contribute please let us know. Past prizes have included things like rulers, crayons, jump ropes and books.


Jul 30 '13

Meet & Greet and Back-To-School Night elementary schedule


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Apr 11 '13

Fairfield Court ES is leaking something nasty


CBS 6 obtained a number of photos showing buckets in several classrooms at Fairfield Court Elementary, placed to collect what’s leaking from the ceiling inside that East End school.

“’Basically, he says it`s nasty,” said Lakecha Lewis.

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Jan 29 '12

Neighborhood schools are the poorest in the area

A Richmond Times-Dispatch article today connecting the dots between working in the state’s least-affluent schools and principal turn-over lists the "25 Least-affluent schools in Central Virginia".

Five of the 25 poorest in Central Virginia are in the East End of Richmond (#2 Fairfield Court ES, #3 George Mason ES, #4 Woodville ES, #10 MLK MS, #15 Chimborazo ES). Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School is the least-affluent middle school in the state of Virginia. The only neighborhood elementary school not making the list is Bellevue ES.

At Chimborazo, 88 percent of the students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch — a leading national indicator of poverty — making the school the 15th poorest of the 276 public schools in the 20 localities in central Virginia.