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Apr 17 '14

A look at Richmond’s Post-Industrial East End

Richmond’s Post-Industrial East End by the University of Virginia Community History Project 2011 is a fascinating look at an aspect of the history of the area:

This guide explores the varied topography, architecture, and landscapes of the East End. It surveys the social and economic history of the East End by analyzing urban and architectural form. The history surveyed in this guide can strengthen the understanding of the East End on the part of residents and visitors buttressing the efforts to build the future through critical engagements historic narratives and places.

The well-designed and written 64-page publication is structured around self-guided walking tours of Libby Hill, Chimborazo Park, Fulton Gas Works, and Fulton.



chimborazo park


fulton gas works



Mar 9 '12

A history of the Fulton Gas Works

History Replays Today has a great history of the Fulton Gas Works:

The City of Richmond adopted an ordinance on Nov. 29, 1848 that created the “Committee on Light”, “to have constructed suitable works for the manufacture and distribution of carbureted hydrogen gas from bituminous coal for the purpose of illumination through the streets, lanes, and alleys of the city”.2 The committee purchased two lots on Cary St between 15th and 16th St (the block containing Buffalo Wild Wings and the parking lot for among other things, Frame Nation) as the sight of the gas works. Operations began on the site in 1851 with 627 private users which increased to 937 in the second year, out growing the plant in only two years.2 Being in the heart of the city there was no room for expansion so the Committee recommended the purchase or the current site of Fulton Gas Works closer to Rockets Landing in the Fulton neighborhood where there was room to expand. The land was purchased in 1853, construction began immediately, and Fulton Gas Works took over manufactured gas production for the city on October 5, 1856.2

PHOTO: Fulton Gas Works by red, white, and black eyes forever

Feb 22 '12

Fulton Gas Works for sale

via Ed Trask